Welcome to Our Journey

Benjamin Academy is a private school south of Atlanta, designed to meet the needs of children who learn differently. We promote growth while establishing a unique lesson plan designed to meet student needs in the classroom daily. Most children who enroll have not been successful in a classroom setting. Despite many small accommodations, the larger classroom size often prohibits an opportunity for children to excel. As children progress, parents find their children may need a classroom conducive to their individual needs. This school is for high functioning students, who after a diagnosis determines they may need a different learning environment. As we work to ensure all students have the appropriate environment for their needs, currently we are unable to serve students with Emotional and Behavioral Disorders, Behavior Intervention Plans, Oppositional Defiant Disorder or other Conduct Disorders.

At Benjamin Academy we provide assistance in the classroom by promoting a small classroom setting, individual lesson plans which allow additional time or breaks if needed, along with traditional methods of learning which are taught in a general classroom setting. Evidence-based findings confirm a smaller learning environment can be the key that many students can excel and succeed. We combine technology, educational Community Based field trips and social gatherings thereby developing communication and peer interaction for our student population.

If your child struggles with reading, math, communication, comprehension, social groups or basic life skills, our school may be an option. We offer a traditional academic track, as well as an alternative track. Our students are taught on their own timeline, to achieve their maximum potential. Homeschooled students are accepted with "transient" status. Please contact us to discuss this academic opportunity!

Why Benjamin Academy?

Our small class size has proved successful for an optimal learning experience. One-on-One assessments are conducted with each student to ensure they are on a successful track for independence. In short, we accept students where they are. All students enrolled must exhibit independence with regulation of feeding, proper use of bathroom hygiene and no aggressive behaviors.

Academic Track - Utilizing STEAM, we provide preparation for college, and can offer a college prep diploma. Evidence-Based learning confirms use of smaller classrooms enhances the overall experience, in a academic environment.

Alternative Track- Utilizing Executive Functioning Skills, with strong emphasis on organizing, time-management, social behavior and personal etiquette such as dressing, grooming and hygiene. Evidence-Based learning confirms use of smaller classrooms enhances the overall experience, in a alternative environment. Our school atmosphere provides a realistic approach to learning, with less anxiety students may experience with larger groups of students per classroom.

Our journey includes working with college-educated teachers, who hold certifications and concentrations to support our small classroom learning. We partner in our community with Speech Therapists, Occupational Therapists, and Physical Therapists to provide services weekly, and provide intensive 1-on-1 sessions as recommended. For specific areas of articulation, individual sessions of Speech, PT, or OT maybe an option for your child and is available onsite, should your child requires this service.

Anxiety Free Zone

  • Small Classroom Setting Individualized Instruction which supports students learning styles
  • Assistive Technology in each Classroom
    • Students are provided with a laptop or Chromebook with software loaded for instruction
    • Whiteboards and Computer stations throughout the building
  • Language group, Social Concept Peer group instruction with Speech Therapist to promote social skills

Ask a Question

Benjamin Academy is currently accepting students for the 2020 - 2021 school year! We invite you to contact us and speak with a representative to begin the process. We are accepting rising 1st grade-11th grade students who have independent skills of eating, bathroom and personal hygiene incorporated in their daily routine.